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Illinois Humane is currently in need of additional foster homes to accommodate a large number of cats that came in from a single investigations case. Many have no special needs other than to be loved.

Click here for the Illinois Humane foster home application. Email info@illinoishumane.org with any questions or for additional information.


Dara - Sweet, Fun, & Personable



Sometimes going "under the radar" is good, and sometimes it is not. My name is Dara and I've been going underneath the radar of potential adopters WAY TOO LONG! You see, I have A LOT to offer a family. I'm a friendly, sweet cat, fairly young in age. I'm extremely engaging with my human friends and, oftentimes, I will run right up to greet them by touching my nose to theirs. How sweet is that?!?

I'm very active and I love to play. I think that having my own kids to hang out with would be very cool! Do you have kids? Do you have other animals? That's fine too, because I'm dog- and cat-friendly as well. Some of my favorite things are cat condos and toys. As far as games, I love to hide behind things and surprise passers-by by jumping out at them. I also love to concoct games with the other foster kitty in my foster home. Have I mentioned that I'm playful yet?

You can see me in action by watching my video. Have you seen my video? I can't wait for my forever home to notice me because I'm tired of "going under the radar". Please contact my friends at petadoptions@illinoishumane.org if you think it's time for me to be noticed. PETFINDER LINK



Little Miss L.Bug is a Chihuahua-Dachshund Blend, weighing under 10 lbs. Miss L. Bug's foster dad describes her as a super cute, attentive, and affectionate dog who loves to express her happiness in the form of kisses. Some of L. Bug's favorite hobbies are playing with other small dogs, collecting treats, and snuggling under the covers at night. You can see her in action by watching the video with this listing.

Little Miss L. Bug is active and curious. She did not receive much guidance prior to coming to Illinois Humane. A forever home should anticipate the need for patience and continued training. As far as being housebroken, Miss L. Bug has come a long, long way and is pretty darn close. A home with a privacy fence will be a big bonus as this little munchkin is quite capable of climbing chain link. Overall, we believe that Miss L. Bug will delight her forever home. If you would like to learn more or possibly adopt this cutie. PETFINDER LINK


Tashi is a domestic short hair, adult, female.
Petfinder link http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/27106529/

Tashi and Sis




On a cold evening late in 2011, Gretchen was discovered laying in a pile of trash, emaciated, sick, and full of fleas. After a year of recuperation, regaining weight and strength, and training, she is now beginning her search for her perfect home. She a powerful energetic dog who does need regular exercise. She does love to cuddle and be held.


Gretchen's Video



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